A Breakdown of a Rose for Emily

Topics: Death, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 23, 2012
“A Rose for Emily” is not just a story about a deranged women obsessed with the fear of being a disappointment to her father, but a story of a women who kept all of her conflicts buried by using defenses such as denial. The to-close relation between Emily and her father had a permanent impact on the future life of Emily. Her father’s motive to indulge her in assumed close relationship is considered a protective tool. To protect Emily’s holiness from future potential suitors, he must turn against her, unaware of the consequences on the psychological and emotional life of Emily. There were plenty of motives behind Emily’s odd ways. One of the motives, she was not use to the freedom she acquired. She felt like is hard to keep living everyday as if her dad never left. That’s why the day after her dad died Emily would not let people take her father out of the house, she wasn’t use to change. Another example is when she found out Homer is interested in men. Instead of insulting her father’s name, Emily took matters into her own hands and elimated Homer. But like her father’s death she realized the change and tried to take back her mistake by keeping him in his bed. Now Freud asserts that sexual repression causes psychological abnormality Emily’s overprotective and domineering father deprives her of a normal connection with the opposite sex by chasing away possible mates. Denial of a normal relationship and close relationship with her father makes her a withdrawn and outcast for society. She takes refuge in solitude. Because her relationship with father is so intimate, her oddness at the death of her father is a natural phenomenon. She disproves his death and keeps his dead body. Later in the story, she wants to develop a normal everyday life, when she allowed the children to come in to her house for painting and started a relationship with Homer. Homer was a young man from the north. He has the vibe of a rebel or what they would call a Yankee. Emily dates Homer...
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