Why I Am Returning to School After 30 Years

Topics: Drug addiction, Hypertension, Drug Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Why I am Returning to School after 30 Years
John Hulka
ENG 121
Melissa Holmberg
February 9, 2011

Sitting here, as a new student in an on online college course, reflecting back the past 30 years is really something. It is funny how fate (and bad decisions) will put you in a situation that you never thought you would be in, until it slaps you in the face. I never thought too much about school. I certainly did not think I would find myself in college, much less so late in my life. Let me start at the beginning, and explain the best that I can why I am returning to school after all these years.

I graduated high school in 1980. I was so glad to get out of high school. No more school and all that pressure, I did not need school anymore; I thought to myself. I went right in to the construction field, great money the hours were great. I did not have to worry about much. Until I met somebody and we got married. The money did not stretch as far as it used to. Soon after that, we had a child. That did not help matters much. However, I worked harder and longer hours. I was always a hard worker; I was usually promoted to the foreman or leading positions. Not too long after that, I guess pressures of being young and married with a child and then children; divorce was around the corner. After the divorce, of course, depression set in and I began to dabble with drugs. Drugs had a hold of me for a while. Construction you know is a seasonal job. I lost jobs from lack of work, or lack of my production. I had to be careful of which jobs in which to apply for fear of a dirty Urine Analysis. By this time, I was not doing drugs; drugs were doing me. However, I was not willing to accept that, or do much about it. I was just going from construction job to construction job. Then, I met somebody else. There is only one problem (of course, I did not realize it was a problem at the time). We had only one thing in common, you...
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