Why English so Important

Topics: Social sciences, Technology, Chile Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: April 24, 2012
The Language Is A Bridge To Cross Safely From One Place To Another The phenomenon of sudden globalization of the world and the consequent need for effective communication language is a fact that does not depend on you believe it or not. Therefore, learning a language has become a basic need for professionals in various fields and for those preparing to join a labor market increasingly competitive. The domain language means growth, development and, above all, better able to control the rapid changes taking place in this new century and technology.The growing internationalization of markets has led the nation to adopt English as the official language of the company and taking into account the economic importance of Brazil as a developing country, the dominance of English has become synonymous with survival and integration global. Learning English opens doors for personal, professional and cultural. The market is now considered a basic requirement at the time of hiring the candidate to master English. Often the knowledge of English, a salary of up to 70% higher. English skills have become essential for the seeker to search efficiently in the Web of the Internet tends to be in the future, one of the most powerful technological tools are able to lead and deliver information more efficiently and the tendency of people aware of it even faster. If you speak English, all searches are successful in the success of the network. English is known around the world. Even in China, English is spoken. You like traveling, nothing better than to master a language spoken anywhere in the world. Her trip will undoubtedly be more pleasant and not just a tourist taking pictures and gestures to try to get what he wants.

Why English? I guess this is an question where most of us will ask and there’s only one answer for that, it is international in its significance .It is taken as a lingua France, the common language , for all parts of the world today. It’s the only language where...
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