What Kind of Teacher Will I Be

Topics: Education, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Assignment 1 – Reflective writing

What kind of teacher will I be?

I want to be the type of teacher that inspires all students to succeed in all areas and believe in themselves. Most importantly I want my classroom to be a wonderful place for learning, particularly student centred learning. When students exit my classroom they should not only have a basic grasp of the subject content, but they should also have extensive knowledge on how the material that was learnt in my class can be applied to their own lives. I will be available to all students and knows which students need extra assistance and provide the support where needed for that individual student/s.

Instead of teaching on a particular topic every day, I want students to explore and experiment often so they can form their own ideas while connecting the new knowledge to previous knowledge. As my educational philosophy evolves, I learn more and more about what type of teacher I want to become. Technology is an instrument that can be used to help me achieve that ultimate goal in my future classroom because it is such a broad, educational and worldwide tool.

As an effective teacher I will use creativity and experiment with new and exciting ideas. I will be organised and able to maintain a well-ordered environment which will captivate and reach all students; it’ll be done in a kind, fair, flexible and consistent way with the delivery of warmth, accessibility, enthusiasm, professional sense of humour, knowledge of curriculum standards and effective communication. Respecting all students and their culture/diversity and encourage students to perform at their best. As a teacher my classroom rules and procedures will help students to know what is expected from them and how the students can help themselves. Communicating with kids is really important. You’ve got to find out about them, show them you’re interested. You’ve also got to teach them how to be communicative. That’s how we learn and that’s how...
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