Wad A Watershed Lab 2

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TITLE: Wad a Watershed Lab
INTRODUCTION: Using models is very important in science. In this lab, you will design a model that will help you investigate the relationship between land surfaces and water on Earth. OBJECTIVE: To design a model that will help you visualize watershed characteristics. PROBLEM: How can we use the relationships between land surfaces and water to understand conservation of resources and pollution? HYPOTHESIS: In your own words, write a hypothesis about how the relationships between land surfaces and water influence pollution and the conservation of resources.” Make a prediction about how the relationship between land and water can influence pollution and the conservation of resources. MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES:

one sheet of plain white paper
several sheets of old newspaper, or wax paper if available
one water-based marker (Note: do not use permanent marker)
one spray bottle containing water (place on “mist” setting) digital camera, if available
1. Place several sheets of newspaper over a large flat surface, such as a kitchen counter. Use at least five sheets of paper so that you can protect your work area. If it is available, you may use wax paper instead of newspaper. 2. Crumple the sheet of white paper into a loose wad.

3. Uncrumple the sheet of paper so you can lay it on your work surface. The paper should not be flat, but should be wrinkled and puffed up from the crumpling. 4. Imagine the paper as a miniaturized version of mountains, hills, valleys, and other landscape features. If your paper is so flat that you can't imagine these features, you should recrumple it. 5. Use the marker to color the major folds or ridges in the paper, as well as some of the minor folds or ridges, as shown below. Do not allow the marker to color any other part of the paper. 6. Place the paper on top of the newspaper on the counter, and then lightly mist the piece of paper with the spray bottle. Don't spray too heavily: Three to seven squirts will...
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