Topics: Medicine, Health care, Primary care physician Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: June 8, 2014
We are introduced to John Q. John has recently moved to a rural area and acquired a new job. John has high blood pressure and his father just had a heart attack, taking this into consideration he proceeds to find a primary care physician that will accept Medicaid. Though John has a job and works full-time he qualifies for Medicaid due to his low income. John also does not have his own means of transportation so he relies on a friend or public transportation to get around. After making phone calls he has found that, though there are many local physicians, the closest one that will accept Medicaid is 40 Miles away. There are a few factors that are currently hindering John from seeing this primary care physician. These factors include John’s lack of personal transportation, asking to use medical leave as a new employee, the adjustment of John’s work schedule, the distance to the closest physician who accepts Medicaid, the office hours of that physician, and the lack of local physicians who accept Medicaid.

Some of the factors that affect John’s utilization are mutable. These factors are John’s lack of personal transportation, asking to use medical leave as a new employee, and the adjustment of John’s work schedule. As we know John’s recent move and new job have brought him to a rural area where the closest primary care provider who accepts Medicaid is 40 miles away. Since John currently relies on a friend or public transportation to get to places he needs to go his first mutable factor we are addressing is personal transportation. John’s lack of personal transportation not only hinders him from receiving the medical care he needs to remain healthy it also inconveniences his friend when he needs to get a ride. The public transportation that John currently uses may not service the areas in the location of the primary care physician closest to him. Now that John does have a job, his father currently had a heart attack, and he already has high blood pressure, seeing a...
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