Training and Experience

Topics: World War I, Chance, Dugout Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 24, 2012
AllqAll Quiet on the Western Front In-Class Write A

Training and Experience vs. Superstition, luck, chance, animal instinct

SebastianApr.12/12During the summer of 1914, great nations from around the world found themselves with an opportunity to showcase their national pride and heroism through the global dilemma that was known as the Great War. Many of the top nations, such as Germany, did not care whether how many men it took as long as they won the war. As I read “All Quiet on the Western Front” I began to wonder about how likely it would have been me joining the army if I lived in that era, but more importantly, how I would manage. Would I make it through the end? Would I even get past the first battle? According to WW1 historical facts, only 35% of men that joined the German army came back home which in theory does not make much sense as these men received the same amount of training, the same lessons and techniques yet 65% of them died. The reason is simple: though training and war tactics are beneficial for the survival and success of a soldier, it will always be limited by how far his luck and mentality allows him to go. Fortunately for some soldiers war was packaged with so many unpleasant scenarios that they were forced to adapt into an instinctive state of mind if they were to have any chance in the war.The typical man that was shipped off into the army was a man who not only lacked in training but also lacked in the mental aspect of war too. When a soldier is forced to fight an enemy to the death their only chance of survival is to disregard him as another regular being and find a way to out think what he’s thinking. He must find a way to live off his experiences and logic without “allowing the sad faces of war to make one too attached”. For example, Paul was a caring boy who “lived a simple life with the same friends” yet once he got into the heat of things he found that the only way to keep a sane mind is to disconnect from everything,...
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