The River Between Summary Chapters 1-10

Topics: Circumcision, Family, White people Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: April 24, 2012
The River Between

Chapter 1:
-Setting: valley of life separating 2 villages: Kameno and Makuyu -Honia River (important element, a character?) flows through this valley, this river joined the 2 villages -The ridges personify the antagonism between the 2 tribal groups -Kameno had produced 3 great men: Mugo the prophet, Kamiri the witch and Wachiori the warrior -Theme of isolation: cut out from the rest of the world.

Chapter 2:
-Kinuthia and Kamau, 2 young boys are fighting
-Waiyaki (only son of Chege, younger than the 2 others) arrives and stops the fight with a look from his burning eyes. -Chege had only 1 wife, many daughters but only one son.
-Chege was a respected man, some considered him as a seer, he warned his tribe against the white man when he was young but nobody listened to him. -Relationship between Waiyaki and Chege; son not very comfortable?at ease with his father. Chapter 3:

-Description of Waiyaki’s hypnotic eyes.
-Waiyaki’s second birth – preparation for circumcision
-Description of the ceremony
-Waiyaki frightens everyone as he acts in a way different to others (thinking he is really a baby again: shouting, crying, feeling pain and fear, trying to open his eyes etc…) -Waiyaki now ready for initiation

Chapter 4:
-Again told about Waiyaki’s eyes: “strong and resolute look”, “evil glitter” -Waiyaki and Chege go to the hills together.
-Waiyaki excited – passing of experience from one generation to the other -Learn about the importance of nature: can both heal and poison -Nature brings son and father closer.
-Waiyaki feels important, loved, in awe of his father.
-The mysterious tree: “ancient, holy, sacred, huge”
-Waiyaki impressed by the immensity of the land, intimidated by nature’s greatness and beauty. Chapter 5:
-Son and father contemplate nature’s beauty.
-Chege warns his son about the white men.
-Waiyaki is scared but doesn’t have the courage to tell his father to stop teling him those ancient...
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