The International Competitiveness of Manchester United

Topics: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Manchester United F.C., Customer relationship management Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: April 24, 2012
How do you evaluate the international competiveness of ManUtd after the takeover by Malcolm Glazer?

Their International Customer Base Potential
According to the case, ManUtd had developed a global fan-base of 100 million in 2009.Asia has the largest fan base at 50 million, followed by Europe with 35 million, Southern Africa with 8 million and the US with 7 million fans. The extent of their fan base provides significant international competitive potential and is evidence of the opportunity for further global expansion. Nevertheless, in order to exploit this international potential, ManUtd must develop and engage in relationship management with both their fan base and international alliances. Glazer must understand the fundamental basis of customer relationship management and the historical value of the ManUtd brand on a global scale in the eyes of the customer.

Incremental Internationalization
There is undoubtedly a link between being a commercially international successful brand and being a successful soccer team. Their success in recent seasons is a viable platform for international competitiveness. When entering into new markets, ManUtd should seek to do so on an incremental basis, as they are in fact an LSE. To gain new supporters and international recognition of their brand, new markets will be most efficiently entered into whilst the team is performing well. Thus giving potential supporters a reason to support the team. This is creating a value proposition for supporters from the outset, rather than trying to establish a fan base whilst the brand is underperforming as a team. Their recent success therefore allows ManUtd to enter into markets with a solid customer value platform to develop upon, communicate and exploit to their advantage. Furthermore, their recent season results allow them to develop a brand that can potentially demand a high price premium in line with their on-pitch accomplishments.

Exporting a Brand Concept
ManUtd are...
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