The Hot Tub Mystery Case Study

Topics: Hypertension, Artery, Myocardial infarction Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 5, 2015
The Hot Tub Mystery Case Study
Jillene Robbins

Part I
1. Observations made by the paramedics were; the Underhills being under water at the bottom of the hot tub, empty bottles of wine, the water in the hot tub felt way too hot, and that the bodies had been dead for some time. 2. How hot was the hot tub? How long have the Underhills been dead for? Are they on medications? Any other health issues for the Underhills? How long has the maid been home before discovering the couple? 3. Taking Lasix, drinking wine, and being in a hot tub exceeding the recommended temperature can all have negative effects. 4. Lasix is a diuretic which helps you not retain water, and helps treat high blood pressure. As a diuretic it will dehydrate you. Adding alcohol on top of it and being in a hot tub makes the dehydration happen quicker. If the pill was being used to treat high blood pressure, its not recommended for those people to use hot tubs. 5. Mr. Underhill was taking Lasix so I’d say that his body did not take well to drinking wine, taking medication, and the extreme high temp of the hot tub. Making him dehydrated, tired, and or having a heart attack. Mrs. Underhill was not on the medication. She was drinking wine and in extreme temp hot tub which could cause a heart attack, loss of conscience, or even just the high temperature hurting the organs and ultimately killing her.

Part II
1. I think that going under the water ultimately killed the Underhills. If they had not been in water and loss conscience and or had heart attack etc. they may have regained conscience instead they were in water and therefore drowned. 2. Mr. Underhill taking Lasix and drinking wine and entering a 115 degree hot tub could have been very dehydrating to him causing in the end death. 3. Blood alcohol level measures the amount of alcohol in a person’s body, showing the amount consumed. 4. General effects of alcohol on the brain are on your movement, judgment, speech, and...
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