The Effects of Deployment on Military Families

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Running head Deployment and Military Families The Effects of Deployment on Military Families Chi Patrick PSYC 365 Dr. Barbara Boothe May 3, 2009 Abstract Military families deal with issues common to all families. However, military families are also subjected to unique stressors, such as frequent geographical relocations, frequent separations of service members from families, and subsequent reorganizations of family life during reunions. One of the most disruptive stressors military families can face is the reintegration following the deployment. There are several major tasks which face returning service members when reintegrating after deployment. This paper will define each task, review possible challenges and discuss tips on how families can navigate each task successfully. Research Paper Outline Title The Effects of Deployment on Military Families Abstract Introduction I. Overview of Topic Deployment and Military Families A. Presentation of Problem Stress involved during the reintegration and phase and how to cope with it. B. Purpose of Paper To help families better cope during reintegration after deployment. II. Research findings on the problems seen in many service members returning from deployment (Drummet, Coleman, Cable, 2003) and (Pawlowski, 2005). A. Four major tasks that service members face during reintegration (Bowling Sherman, 2008). 1. Redefining roles, Expectations, and Division of labor 2. Managing strong emotions 3. Abandoning emotional constriction and creating intimacy in relationships 4. Creating shared meaning B. Becoming a Couple Again How to create a shared sense of purpose after deployment (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 2004). 1. Step 1 Understand each others sense of purpose during separation. 2. Step 2 Recognize that the following concerns upon return are common, often shared or felt indirectly and will require mutual adjustment. 3. Step 3 Relationship Breakers Most couples argue about three things sex, money and children. Being aware of these issues to divide rather than unite is key to reestablishing a shared sense of purpose. 4. Step 4 Relationship Makers Tips for building a shared sense of purpose and a stronger family. C. Changes in children over the course of a deployment. Tips on getting to know your children again (Getting to Know Your Children Again, n.d.) (Johnson et al, 2007). 1. Taking it slow and letting things happen naturally. 2. Arrange a special time to reconnect with each child. 3. Praise children for helping during the separation. 4. Slowly ease back into family routines. 5. Children should be disciplined with great care and love. D. Application of Behaviorism Learning Theory (Ormrod, 2008). 1. Define Theory 2. Suggest Possible Applications of Theory to Problem E. Conclusion F. Need for more research G. Proposal of Research Project (Renshaw, Rodrigues, Jones, 2008). H. Rationale for Project I. Goal of Project J. Research Project K. Research Question L. Method / Participants M. Measures N. Procedures O. Data Collected/Results P. Discussion (Dekel, Solomon, Bleich, 2005) Q. References The Effects of Deployment on Military Families The images of war and military action have become more frequent recently, especially since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and crisis in the Middle East. Our military service members are often times referred to as heroes and men and women of honor. Not only do our service members sacrifice their lives and freedom to defend the freedom of our country, but so do the families of our nations military force. Military families deal with issues common to all families, including child care, elder care, education, parenting and marital concerns, and career choices (Drummet, Coleman, Cable, 2003). However, military families...

References: complete, accurate10 points Research Project Evaluation/Score Sheet Appropriate Research Content 25 pointsFormal writing style 5 points5 pages, unique from Paper and beginning with METHOD 5 pointsMETHOD, with detailed descriptions in all 3 Categories 5 pointsRESULTS, with numbers 5 pointsDISCUSSION, with explanation and sources from paper 5 points Deployment and Military Families PAGE 18 Y, dXiJ(x(
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