The 1911 Revolution: Did It Bring Peace in or Created Problems for China?

Topics: Qing Dynasty, Yuan Shikai, History of the Republic of China Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Many Historian regarded The 1911 Revolution in China is a remarkable turning point in Chinese History. China escaped from the Qing Dynasty to the new era, the Republican Era. After serial reforms made by the Qing imperial government, they only showed the failure, backwardness and weakness of the government. Most Intelligentsia believed that revolution and republicanism is the only way to save the country. That is the reason why revolutionary parties gain a popular support right after the Late Qing reform and The Scramble for Concession. However, did the 1911 Revolution really bring the new hope to China?

To a larger extend, I do agree that The 1911 Revolution brought China to the chaotic situation with a set of brand new problems. In this essay, I will divide it into three arguments. They are Second Revolution in 1913, Yuan’s Dictatorship and Monarchical Attempt from 1913 to 1916 (The National Protection Movement was included) and Warlord Era.

After the reunification between North and South, Democracy and peace didn’t come to China. Yuan was appointed as the Provisional President replaced Dr. SunYatsen. The Provisional Constitution was ignored and even abolished by Yuan. To prevent from losing ruling power to Guomingdang, Yuan even eliminate his opponents by assassinating the head of GMD, Song Jiaoren. The Second Revolution was broke out with the lead of Dr. Sun and the GMD dudu in the southern. It is clearly showed that the political stability has not existed right after 1911 Revolution. Later, serial revolutions occurred such as National Protection Movement and the Constitutional Protection Movement. These revolutions are the evidence to prove the failure of 1911 Revolution and these showed that it failed to bring peace to China.

With the failure of the Second Revolution, GMD, which is the greatest obstacle for Yuan, was dissolved after the party ban in Nov 1913. The GMD dudu or the national assembly members were either dismissed or...
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