Task Environment

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The analysis of PARKnSHOP's task environment

PARKnSHOP is the leading supermarket chain in Hong Kong, with an unrivalled reputation for giving customers outstanding value for money, the higest quality in fresh food, an unmatched range, and world-class service.

Our supermarket mainly target at resident population, especially resident families in the city. They have stable job and stable income. Customers include the old, housewives, young people, office worker. Our supermarket mainly sell fresh food and daily necessities and our purpose is to provide qualified product, good service and low price to consumers.

PARKnSHOP has some unique selling points. Firstly, it is famous for its Fresh Market. Customers can buy diverse food here such as seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, bread, barbeque meat and even sushi. They also can buy DIY products, daily necessities, cosmetics and household articles. Categories of our products are multiple. Secondly, we put priority on food safety. There is a special food sanitary inspection in the supermarket everyday to make sure the food is fresh and safe. Besides, we have price advantage. The price of some food such as fresh vegetables is lower than that of vegetables in the street. Fresh food and low price actually can attract those housewives and increase their loyalty. What's more, our shopping environment is improving all the time with bright light, capacious room and orderly goods shelf. Finally, we are OEM( original equipment manufacturer) for some brands such as "PARKnSHOP" brand and " chaozhi" brand.

As we know, there is fierce competition in our industry. The supply is larger than the demand. One of our main competitiors is Wellcome. Wellcome has a longer history and a large market share. Wellcome also use price strategy. As we can see, Wellcome try to enlarge its scale and market share by low price and large number of branches. Wellcome made market survey to find costomers' need. But the products...
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