Swot Cosway

Topics: Marketing, Social network, Multi-level marketing Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 24, 2012
The strengths of Cosway as observed are beneficial in expanding Cosway’s market and meanwhile gaining the competitive advantages. The first strength of Cosway is there is wide range of products being offered. Cosway offers daily use products from head to toe, including supplements, tidbits, shampoos, hair care products, toys, lingerie and so on. This strength has enabled Cosway to fulfill their customers’ needs in all ways and also reduce the risk of over-dependent on single product. Compared to Cosway’s competitors, obviously this is a competitive advantage as Coway, one of Cosway’s competitors only specialized in one single kind of product in the market, which is water purifier. This has been enabled Cosway to target more market than Coway did.

Secondly, the low price strategy that Cosway is currently applying also helps in expanding its market. By having sustainable relationship with suppliers and also the benefits of economy of scale, Cosway manages to set a relative low price on every single product that it offers. It would be a significant strength of Cosway as what the CEO of Cosway has said: “the success of multi-level marketing is deeply depends on the success of the products.” Low price products will definitely more competitive and have a higher chance of survive in the economy recession as people tend to save more even when they are doing groceries shopping.

There are always pros and cons in every single thing, same thing happen to Cosway. As what we have observed, there are several weaknesses of Cosway that will hinder itself from expanding the business globally. The first weakness of Cosway will be the marketing strategy that is solely depends on word-of-mouth. Instead of implementing their marketing strategy in advertising method like what others did, Cosway depends solely on its agents or business owners to promote its products. The biggest drawback of this marketing strategy that Cosway is implementing is hard to...
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