Sun Tsu V.S Jomini

Topics: Carl von Clausewitz, The Art of War, Military strategy Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: October 1, 2012
As Gen. George Washington learned of British occupation of Yorktown, Va., under the leadership of Gen. Cornwallis, he laid out careful plans to take the Chesapeake Bay and bring it back into control of the Continental Congress. The strategy lay out by Washington and his allies from the French Army, lead to the successful capture of Chesapeake Bay and surrendering of Cornwallis and his forces, thus bring to the American Revolutionary War. As defined in the US Army's Field Manual 3-0, strategy "is the art and science of developing and employing armed forces and other instruments of national power in a synchronized fashion to secure national or multinational objectives." (FM 3-0, 2-4) This definition, broad in its description of how a leader-commander, general, or any other title of a person in charge- plans to win a battle or war, sets in full the implementation of historical figures, such as Sun Tsu and Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini, outlook and defining of strategically warfare. Sun Tsu, known as Master Sun, is more of a strategic thinker; unlike Jomini on the other hand was more of a tactical thinker. From Sun Tsu years of battles passing down his wisdom, wrote a book called The Art of War. His strategy was mostly focused in China. His book has given guidance to many military theorists throughout time. Sun Tsu appeal has gone beyond military realm into the world of business. His principles are suited to completive business situations. He is the best known of the military specialist and best described as a pragmatic realist. “War is a virtual matter of state; the road that leads to either survival or ruin” (Sun-Tsu, [1993]: 103). Sun Tsu first aim for the strategist the avoidance of defeat, in other words “achieve victory without war,” (Holmes) but one cannot make a virtue of culture ignorance. Sun Tsu’s theory of war is marked by balance between complementary principles and forces; war is a balance between art and science making much of the utility of...

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