Speech Against Racism

Topics: United States, African American, Southern United States Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Racism in the United States of America

Racism, what good has it done? 
Racism discriminates. Racism divides. Racism is sin! 
Why must I choose whom to befriend according to the colour of their skin? Is there anything written anywhere that makes one race above other? Who am I to judge other people? Aren’t we all just little unique snowflakes, each to be judged on our individual and personally qualities? Those are some of the questions I ask myself again and again, yet I have got the answer to all of them. But there are at least two dissimilar answers to each of those questions. The answer depends on the individual’s opinion about racism. Racists for sure haven’t got the same answer as me. I hope your answers are similar to mine. In that case you’ve got the right answers! -Through the life you will have to answer thousands of questions and make millions of choices, and I can guarantee that you won’t have the right answer every time just as you won’t make the right choice every time, but when it comes to racism you must have the right answer! Too many people have already chosen the wrong decision. We don’t need more racists in this world, so take your time and chose just the right decision! We have lot of people in America who are filled with hatred. Hatred pointed especially at Afro-American people. But where does all this hatred come from? I don’t think God conceived hate, do you? Did God make us different just to see hatred and war? I don’t think so. Why can’t we carry out Martin Luther King’s dream about a world in peace and without any kind of racism? Martin Luther King was Afro-American, but it isn’t merely the Afro-American people, who can be exposed to racism, everyone can, no matter what color your skin has. Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong. We have to stay together in this great country we call America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino...
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