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1.0 Introduction

Still darkness among the people can be seen in our country because of illiteracy and lack of consciousness. Because our rural people are very poor and not so much educated. So we have taken some initiatives for those helpless people in Jamalpur district for children’s sanitation and hygiene promotion development. In 2003 the Government of Bangladesh conducted an extensive survey, the results of that survey show that only 32% of households use sanitary latrines, 25% use unhygienic latrines and 43% use no latrines. The majority of people in Bangladesh have a poor understanding of the link between poor hygiene and disease. We hope this problem will be solved by creating proper awareness among the people. No more people will be died by this kind of diseases and people will be living happily and our dearest Bangladesh will be a developed country in near future.

1.1 Origin of the report

Our honorable course instructor of Project Management, Abu Md. Abdullah has orally suggested us the task of preparing this report and to submit him by making 2 members group. The topic was chosen by us with the help of our course instructor and the specific area was selected by us with the consent of the course instructor.

1.2 Purpose of the report

The main purposes are -
o To determine how to make a proper project on social development. o To determine whether the project is feasible or not. o To learn how to be successful in project plan.

Project Name:

“Children’s Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Project”.

Goal of the project:

The main goal of this project is to provide an environment where child health and proper way of living and remaining harmless will be ensured.

Broad Objective:

To develop a model for reducing diarrhea by increasing children’s hygienic use of latrines, improving the quality of hygiene and sanitation in the area and facilitating the emergence of sustainable sanitation services.

Specific Objectives:

o Ensure that end users have input into the design process. o Accomplish project business goals and objectives within defined budget and time parameters. o Minimize impact to standard business operations within the affected units.


To complete this project work primary source of data as well as secondary source of data have used.

Primary data: Several interviews have been conducted with domestic children’s mother and social workers to collect data. Information was collected by observing the life of child especially from rural area.

Secondary data: Information also has been collected from NGO reports, newspapers, internet etc as secondary sources.


This plan will require the following expenditures:

1. Organizing Seminars: BDT 1.5 lacs
2. Awareness Building Activities jointly with NGOs : BDT 1 lacs 3. Promotional activities: BDT 50,000

Total 3 Lacs Taka will be needed for the project.


It is a very important and long term project so completion of this project requires minimum six months

Team members:

Project Leader:

• Md. Tarek Hasan

Other members:

1. Md. Jhair Rayhan

2. Yeasir Farhad

3. Md. Arifur Rahman

4. Bishal Barua

5. Uzzal Nandi

6. Sujit Sutra Dhar

Total no. of team members: 7


|TASK PLAN | Day Numbers | | |1-10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100-120-130-140-150-160-170-180 | |1. Selecting location and making budget |...
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