Socio Economic Factors Impactin Health

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Male and Female Roles Paper
Culture and the media is a massive factor when determining the differences between male and females. Others around us influence kids greatly, but mainstream media portrays the “typical” or “real” man. In the article “How The Media Defines Masculinity” it stated that “Children Now conclude that these dominant trends in the media’s portrayal of men reinforce and support social attitudes that link masculinity to power, dominance and control.” These television shows, movies, and video games are drawing a clear line between the differences of men and women. In “Media and Girls” the article said “Commercials aimed at kids spend 55 per cent of their time showing boys building, fixing toys, or fighting. They show girls, on the other hand, spending 77 per cent of their time laughing, talking, or observing others. And while boys in commercials are shown out of the house 85 per cent of the time, more than half of the commercials featuring girls place them in the home.” These commercials are perpetually continuing the stereotypes of men and women and how they should act.

On the questionnaire to “The Price of Happiness” all of my responses were a yes. My answer to the last question of how I would like others to form their opinion on me I chose based on my personality. From the information in “Media and Girls” it stated that teens who watch more commercials are unsatisfied with their bodies more than girls who didn’t watch them. As a girl, it is hard not to think of all the questions on the questionnaire on a daily basis, but ultimately we all want to be liked for our personality. Men might not think of all of these questions as deep as most girls do, although advertising affects all of us. Generally, men seem to take it a bit more lightly than women and brush it off easier. In the end though, we all just want to be judged and liked for our personalities, not our appearances.

On the “Gender-Science” test I received “a strong association of...

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