Six Perspectives of Justice

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Understanding the Perspectives of Justice
Defining the Due Process Perspective

There are six perspectives of justice; Crime Control Perspective, Rehabilitation Perspective, Due Process Perspective, Nonintervention Perspective, Equal Justice Perspective, and Restoration Perspective. The Due Process Perspective is the most ideal justice perspective that has been implemented over time. In order to more understand that biases take into account the other six perspectives. Crime control perspective, those believe that the proper role of the justice system is to prevent crime through the judicious use of criminal sanctions. Because the public is outraged by violent crimes, it demands an efficient justice system that hands out tough sanctions to those who choose to violate the law Rehabilitation perspective, that view crime as an expression of frustration and anger created by social inequality and see the justice system as a means of caring for and treating people who have been the victims of this inequity. According to this view, crime can be controlled by giving people the means to improve their lifestyle and helping them overcome any personal and or psychological problems caused by their life circumstances

Due process perspective, believe that the justice system should be dedicated to providing fair and equitable treatment to those accused of crime. This means providing impartial hearings, competent legal counsel, evenhanded treatment, and reasonable sanctions to ensure that no one suffers from racial, religious, or ethnic discrimination and that their basic constitutional rights are respected Nonintervention Perspective, those believe that justice agencies should limit their involvement with criminal defendants. They believe that regardless of whether intervention is designed to punish people or to treat them, the ultimate effect of any involvement is harmful and will have long-term negative consequences. Equal Justice Perspective, believe that the greatest...
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