Should Women Serve in the Military

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Topic: Should women serve in the military?

The essence of war is not good. During the WWI, more than ten million dead and tens of millions disabled; cities, villages, roads, bridges, factories were destroyed. The amount of money for war costs up to about eighty four billion dollars [9]. The fate of those who faced a battle between life and death was questioned. The world was considering that was it worth to sacrifice that much? Especially, women played a big role in army and they have had to suffer after the war ended even. Today, women are more active and independent. They join many fields and keep high positions in companies. However, speaking of inducting in army, the problem is still lingering. The story still continues to decide which side should women on? Being a housewife or a soldier create a debate. Women are naturally fragile and weak. This is definitely contrasted to war which is devastating, tough and bloody. Therefore, there are few main reasons such as physical problems, psychological aspects and afterward consequences explaining why women should not serve in the military. The first reason is determined as physical problems. Women are gentle, weak and love needed. God created ladies with soft hands, long hair, beautiful eyes, and slender body. They are supposed to be loved and cared. Without doubt, some girls have proved they are strong enough to handle jobs with no help. Some ladies prefer some action and can handle themselves better than guys sometimes. But overall, women are not suitable for heavy and hard things. In terms of training in army, one of the most destructive assignments in the world, no imaginary pictured with female soldiers do their tasks alongside male partners. Some find that is a good side of women since they are no longer dependable and stronger. Some think it is uneasy to accept. The Army is abandoning mixed-sex training units because too many female recruits are getting injured trying to keep up with their male counterparts. "Men are stronger and more robust and it's silly to pretend otherwise. It seems that at last the Army has woken up to the fact that women are different - something blatantly obvious to anyone," Colonel Bob Stewart, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his service in Bosnia in the early Nineties said. [1] Training is very tough if women are not a little physically fit. They don't need to be superwoman or anything, but at least give muscles a little bit of training so the shock factor won't be so high. There are physical ability standards that they must pass. Training. The Army's Physical Training Test is different than the other military branches tests. The test examines the soldier's ability to do pushups, situps, and a two mile run. The pushups and situps are each under a time limit of two minutes. The first test is the pushups, followed by situps, and then the two mile run. The pass/fail standards are based on age and gender. [2] People have equal rights, but equal treatment between women and men in the military is not because of physical health and most women do not fit the things that men usually do. Women cannot bring heavy stuff, run as fast as men do. Even physical problems have been checked carefully before a woman is on duty; she will take more time that than a man. They also have maternity, and therefore, the reproductive health care for infants will not disrupt personal things but also the collective affairs. Physiologically speaking, these individuals point to the fact that a woman's body is not able to endure the hazards of combat in comparison to a men's. The level of strength and endurance needed is more suited to a man's physical disposition than a woman's. This would be one area towards which proponents of women not serving in the armed forces point. When directly working together, sharing sympathy and close easily occur between the team and women's team. Then they will be less or not wholeheartedly with their work because in...
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