Should Business Hire Employees for Their Entire Lives?

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Should business hire employees for their entire lives?
There are some companies that hire employees for their lifetimes, especially those that operate in Japan, where most companies environment are family-valued. They always treat the employees as one of their family members, so that their employees are retained with them until retirement. However, although hiring the employees for a lifetime has some benefits, such as the continuity of working processes and the warm and comfort of working environment, I find the disadvantages of hiring employees for their entire lives far outweight the advantages. First of all, hiring employees for lifetimes will make the employees lose enthusiasm and dedication to their jobs. Because they think that companies have to hire them no matter what, the employees may have no incentive or inspiration to improve their work or create something new for the companies. The example is demonstrated in one of Thailand’s government-own enterprise, where most of employees are retained in companies until the time of retirement. What each employee work for is only salary so that there is the problem of lack of initiative in the company. Consequently, the company reported loss in financial performance. Therefore, it is not necessary that the policy of hiring employees for the lifetime is the good component of the successful and initiative companies. Moreover, on the employees side, hiring the employees for the entire lives will not lead to their personal advancement. This policy is not only limit the company development, but also restrict the employees improvement and enthusiasm to improve themselves to gain better skills and knowledge, both professionally and personally. Therefore, these policy will limit the advancement of employee in the long-term, compared to competitive work environment in other companies, in which pushed employees to improve themselves for all the time. To sum up, although hiring the employees for the entire lives may have...
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