Religion in the Workplace

Topics: Religion, Employment, Faith Pages: 4 (1600 words) Published: April 24, 2012
When looking at religion in the workplace I found that there were two different companies, faith-friendly companies and faith focused. Every company typically falls under one or the other because no company would admit to not accepting individuals who show their faith. Faith friendly companies create a culture in which various faiths aren't just tolerated, they are valued. Faith-friendly entails considering non-Christian religious holidays when scheduling meetings, events, and training, and creating room for employees to meditate or hold small gatherings. The goal of a faith-friendly company is to recognize the centrality of faith in many employees, inclusive, and affirming of all traditions. Similarly, faith focused describes any organization or government idea or plan based on religious beliefs, specifically Christian beliefs. Before researching religion in the work place I didn’t realize that it was such a big issue and that the consequences were so severe. The first company I researched was Chick-fil-A they were for expressing your faith in the work place. The owner and CEO Cathy was never shy when it came to expressing his Christianity in his company. They even go as far to mentioning God in their mission statement, “Glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.” The employers and employees were always doing things to show that they were open about practicing their faith. One of their most famous and well known practices is to close their establishments on Sunday for a day of rest. This was questioned and repelled against by the gay community because they felt as if the company was “anti-gay.” (William-Ross) Christians (along with many other religions) are against same sex marriage, the gay community protested and tried to nail Chick-fil-A with discrimination. I thought that this lawsuit was completely ridiculous and there was no need for it, Chick-fil- A never failed to serve or hire someone who was gay; just because of...
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