Quality and Cost for Kurdistan Region Health Services

Topics: Iraqi Kurdistan, Health care, Medicine Pages: 9 (2538 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Hassan Karim MBA Student
* Introduction:

This article addresses the four main parts: first of all, Overview of Kurdistan region health care and Erbil cardiac canter. In the second part, it states about quality’s mean, Garvin five approaches to define the quality and how Erbil cardiac centre applies approaches and, best-fit approach to Erbil cardiac centre. The third part is writing a report for senior management in Kurdistan region health care services that consist of: Crosby and Deming’s quality philosophy, and then Improving Quality without increasing total Costs, and Expected difficulties in implementing the examples. The last part is a conclusion and recommendations.

* Overview of Kurdistan region health care and Erbil cardiac centre: Kurdistan Regional Government was established in 1992 after the first gulf war. The government has 19 ministries The Government is located in the capital of the Region, Hawler (Erbil) (KRG 2012). It administers the three of four Kurdish governorates in Iraq; there are Erbil, Seleimaniah and Dohuk.

Hawler (Erbil) Cardiac Center was established in 2007. It has about 270 staff as Physicians, Associates employees and Credentialed Allied Health Professionals. Its capacity for providing beds for patients is 100 beds. It has cardiac partnerships which are; Bon Medical University, Rostock Medical University, Vienna Medical University- Austria and Medchild Organization-Italy (EMC 2010).

Kurdistan region health care system is a type of Iraqi health care system. Recently, a study by the World Health Organization discovered that 70 percent of primary health care (facilities) in the region needed renovation (Rudaw 2012).

Quality’s mean:
On one hand, according to Moullin (2012, P1), “meeting customer requirements at an acceptable price” is a general definition for quality. On the other hand, he stated public sector quality means “Meeting the requirements and expectations of service users and other stakeholders while keeping costs to a minimum”. Quality is defined in various ways based on the type of services and products and customer’s expectations. In the HealthCare service industry, quality health care for some people tries to keep patients for a short while to visit the doctor. Some believe that quality health care involves in treating politely by the doctor's staff. The others define quality health care by how much time the doctor devotes to examine the patients (New Jersey Department of Health and senior services, 2009). For instance, Kurdistan government as a stakeholder for Erbil cardiac surgery center quality aims to reduce the cost of treatment or surgery for heart patients and decrease the number of deaths during and after the surgery. But the quality for a family whose a member is facing heart attack in the middle of night has to provide accessibility to emergency treatment. And for a person who is suffering from a blood pressure problem quality services aim to provide accurate treatments and staff friendly to take care of patients. As a result, the quality management is liable for providing good quality in all areas in the business in each organization. * Five Approaches to Define the Quality:

There are five approaches to define the quality according to Garvin: It is essential to understand the mean of these approaches to know which of them is suitable for each service in the cardiac surgery center in Erbil. Transcendent:

* Transcendent approach:
In terms of specification of the services and products, the transcendent approach defines quality degree of excellence and completes the best possibility. Furthermore, Tuchman (1998) stated “a condition of excellence implying fine quality as is distinct from poor quality” (Quoted by Rao et al., 1996, P26). In addition, Roa et al. (1996) gave an example of David Copperfield’s book, which is reaching for the high impact in literature. The Erbil Cardiac center has good Cardiac surgeons and this center is...
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