Practice Test: The American Revolutionary War

Topics: American Revolutionary War, United States Declaration of Independence, British Empire Pages: 11 (2457 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Part II: Checking Your Progress

A. True-False

Where the statement is true, circle T; where it is false, circle F.

1.TFGeorge Washington was chosen commander of the American army primarily because of his military abilities and experience.

2.TFFollowing the Battle of Bunker Hill, King George made one last attempt at reconciliation with his American subjects and their Continental Congress.

3.TFThe American invasion of Canada in 1775 was based in part on the false belief that oppressed French Canadians would rise up in revolt and join the thirteen colonies in revolt.

4.TFTom Paine’s Common Sense was most important because it advocated not only American independence but a republican form of government based on consent of the people.

5.TFThe Declaration of Independence justified American independence not on the basis of the historic rights of Englishmen, but on the basis of the universal natural rights of all humankind.

6.TFThe Declaration of Independence made the colonists seditious rebels against the king and enabled them to seek foreign assistance for their cause.

7.TFThe Loyalists considered the Patriots to be the traitors to their country (Britain) and themselves to be the true patriots.

8.TFMost Loyalists were executed or driven from the country after the Patriot victory.

9.TFThe Loyalists were strongest in New England and Virginia.

10.TFThe most critical result of General Burgoyne’s defeat at Saratoga in 1777 was that it led to the American alliance with France.

11.TFAmericans’ enlightened revolutionary idealism made them believe that the rule of law and free commercial trade, not traditional power politics, should be the basis of all international relations.

12.TFBy using delay and strategic retreat, General Nathanael Greene successfully thwarted the British attempt to crush the Revolution in the South 1780–1781.

13.TFAt Yorktown, the Americans finally showed that they could win an important battle without French assistance.

14.TFAmerican diplomats in Paris were successful in guaranteeing American political independence but failed to gain the territorial concessions they wanted.

15.TFAlthough Britain lost its North American colonies in the Revolutionary War, it gained strategic and military dividends that paid off in the much larger wars with Napoleon for control of Europe.

B. Multiple Choice

Select the best answer and circle the corresponding letter.

1.During the initial period of fighting between April 1775 and July 1776, the colonists constantly insisted that their goal was a.the removal of all British troops from America. restore their rights within the British Empire.
c.complete independence from Britain. end the arbitrary power of King George III to impose taxes on them. e.local autonomy and self-rule within the wider British empire. 2.George Washington proved to be an especially effective commander of American forces in the Revolution because a.he was able to rally previously skeptical New Englanders to the Patriot cause. b.of his exceptionally brilliant military mind.

c.of his eloquence in defining the political goals for which Americans fought. d.his humble background inspired the ordinary soldiers in the Revolutionary army. e.of his integrity, courage, and moral forcefulness.

3.The bold American military strategy that narrowly failed in December 1775 involved a/an a.two-pronged attack on British forces in New Jersey.
b.invasion of Canada by generals Arnold and Montgomery. c.attack on British forts in the Ohio country.
d.naval assault on British warships in Boston harbor.
e.attempt to divide British forces by conquering and controlling the Hudson Valley. 4.Many of the German Hessian soldiers hired by King George III to fight for the British a.hated the American revolutionaries and their cause.

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