Piezoelectricity: Future of Clean and Sustainable Energy

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Requirement of Alternate Energy Sources in Today’s World
We are living in 21st century and look forward for new ways to generate power and which can fulfill the growing needs for portable electricity. As we peer into the future, we can see the demand for electricity increase. Likewise, the price of electricity is increasing and Energy, in this day and age has become a necessity. And since the demand for electricity is inelastic, the price can continue to rise and the quantity demanded will gradually increase. Future will be much easier if we look for cleaner and reusable sources of energy and piezoelectricity is an example for that. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, and in a way we will be able to use a human body’s mechanical movement to power the devices we need. This concept creates an opportunity to manufacture piezoelectric tiles.

Re-nergy Tiles: Future of Clean & Sustainable Energy

Piezoelectricity is produced by certain ceramics like quartz, Rochelle salt etc that generate an electric current when their material structure is misshaped. Re-nergy tiles, a concept brought forward by Alternative Power Devices (APD), basically convert the wasted energy from human foot traffic into electricity. Every time someone steps on the tile, they trigger a small vibration that can be stored as energy. So scientifically when pressure is applied to an object, a negative charge is produced on the expanded side and a positive charge on the compressed side and once the pressure is relieved, the electric current flows across the material. And this current produced can be stored in batteries and circuit capacitors for late use.

Breakthrough in Renewable Sources Industry

Piezoelectric tiles surely lead to a brighter future. The installation of these tiles would contribute to promoting sustainability and green energy generation. In fact, the amount of electricity harvested over the 5 years life span would recover the cost of initial purchase, transport, installation, maintenance and disposal of tiles. [pic]


The key in this concept are the people themselves. One footstep can only provide enough electric current to light two 60-W bulbs for 1 second, but the greater the number of people walking across the piezoelectric floor, the greater amount of power is produced. But its not beyond the realms of possibility, approx 28,500 steps can generate energy to power a train for 1 second.


(Above: The basic concept on which piezoelectric tiles work)

Who are we selling to?

The target market for Re-nergy Tiles are the renowned Renewable energy companies in the market like Orocobre , Galaxy Resources , Vmoto and many more which will account for near about 60% of the customers for the product. These companies being our primary customers, we can generate a considerable amount of revenue in the beginning year span of Re-nergy tiles placement. APD is then looking to target the real estate sector where these tiles would be implemented in residential and commercial buildings. The tertiary customers for these tiles would be the common households that are willing to save money on electricity and are environmentally conscious.


The current piezoelectric tiles are produced by two major companies, namely Soundpower Corp. and Pavegen Systems. Other companies that manufacture a similar product are either small businesses or non-profit research labs which accounts to almost negligible competition in Australia. These competitors are using piezoelectric transducers to assemble these tiles which are quite expensive, in contrast to the piezoelectric cables used in the Re-nergy tiles. Therefore, we can also look forward to sell our product to the already existing customers of these companies.

Guaranteed Progress

There are so many alternative energy sources used around the world but none of them have been widely accepted because of some drawback underlining the product’s...

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