Outline and Evaluate Reasons People Can Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Into Old Age

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outline and evaluate reasons people can maintain a healthy lifestyle into old age

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Nowadays, with people' living condition improving and medical science development the aged people pay more attention to the quality of life, and the young people seem to think deeply about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle into old age. Some people enjoy a happy and healthy old age. Others suffer from serious diseases or dying early. The purpose of this essay is to examine four reasons to explain why people can maintain a healthy lifestyle into old age. By explaining the relationship between good mentality and longevity, the correlation requirement between healthy lifestyle and longer life and sleeping factor for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle into old age, followed by accounting for the medicine element, to demonstrate that while people’s life expectancy and living condition have been improves in the past decade, the above four factors which have impacts on lives longevity indeed should be taken into consideration. The overall purpose is to allow people to develop a deeper understanding of the healthy way to live longer, and enable them to recognize the significance of the right methods to have a healthy life into the old.

It is clear that good mentality can assure us far away from diseases (Deacon, 2004) holds that people who are 'aggressive', 'emotional' or 'constantly anxious' will suffer from many physical problems. For example, the impact of temperament is as a kind of stress. Meanwhile, related research has been reported about stress and its relationship to other kind of health problems, such as heart disease, blood pressure problem (Steptoe, A. et al,2005). Given by learning to relax can help lower people’s blood pressure and be important to health and the achievement of a happy old age. Some studies have shown that relaxing while listening to soothing music can improve 'immune system function' and help with our long-term health(ibid).In other words, 'psychological wellbeing' focuses on the personal potential achievement and living a meaningful life and is concerned with the purpose in life, ‘self-acceptance’ and positive ‘inter-personal’ relations (Ryan, R. et al, 2001). So, people should have a good state of mind, whether succeed or face difficulties, in order to achieve a happy and healthy old age.

As we know, a healthy lifestyle can keep our body health and protect us from disease. A healthy lifestyle mainly includes three aspects: physically active, healthy diet and quit of bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Firstly, physically active can keep good mental health, which will help you to manage stress, anxiety and even depression. It will also help you to achieve and keep an ideal shape and reduce several cardiovascular risks, including high blood pressure (BBC, 2010). Studies have demonstrated that physical activity has its effect through 'lowering the inflammatory response and positively attenuating several risk factors for cardiovascular disease', is associated with reducing the risk of diabetes, 'cardiovascular disease mortality' and improving health (Partridge, L. et al, 2002). Physically active makes people feel more energetic, keep within a healthy weight, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and delay ageing (BBC 2010). Secondly, a healthy diet contributes to a satisfying, healthy body. Several studies have showed that the choices for food might impact on people‘s longevity. A scientific diet can reduce your risk from illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. As we all know, a healthy breakfast can keep people feel energetic and benefit their metabolism (Help Guide, 2010).However incorrect diet and dietary factors have been associated with negative health outcomes including the increasing mortality of cardiovascular disease and...
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