Online vs. Traditional Education

Topics: Education, Teacher, History of education Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Who would have ever though that obtaining a degree would be so easy. With the controversy of attending college, many people wonder which education is better to pursue an online or a traditional education. While online education setting is different from a traditional education setting, there are some similarities which can be seen in both; they both have assignments, reference material, and teacher student interactions. One similarity of online vs. traditional education is assignments. Assignments are a part of any school environment. School would not be a learning opportunity if one does not incorporate what he or she learns through assignments. Both online and traditional education has individual and group assignments. From doing a research, writing essays, answering discussion questions, and participating in class are all seen in the online and traditional settings of school. Who can forget those dreadful presentations? Presentations are not everyone’s favorite assignment, but they can be given is class or online in the same form of fashion by preparing to deliver any informative information. Even though assignments may be different for each class, both online and traditional education has the same intentions to help one obtain learning material. Reference material is used to help one refer to when it comes to learning. Books are very good material and resources. They are used both in online and traditional education. With the convenience of E- books online, it makes reading easier and better. One does not have to worry about carrying the hard, heavy textbooks around. No matter what the setting may be online or traditional, the library is still one of the major sources or school. In the library, students have excess to the internet and many other sources such as books. Although every class has their own reference book which relates to the type of course, computers are expanding with technology and have become a major reference source....
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