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Advanced Scholarly Writing
Week 1 Assignment: Referencing Peer Reviewed Studies

Faculty Use Only

Referencing Peer Reviewed Studies
BTM7001-8/Week 1
January 04, 2015
The mission of Northcentral University is to educate professionals throughout the world and enable them for success. At the beginning of every course, the student must check their email, review the course syllabus, grading rubric, course content, and policies. The course syllabus will lay the foundation for the course guidelines and provide a timeline for assignments. The main reason I chose a DBA is that a PhD is to advance knowledge, whereas the primary goal of a DBA is to advance professional practice. I began my course by reviewing the syllabus, rubric, and course content. The NCU Rubric can also be found on the Academic Success Center. The NCU Rubric states that content consists of 70% and writing (including APA formatting) is 30% of your overall grade. I reviewed the course content and determined how I would have to manage my time, each week. Weeks 1-7 will require a 5-7 page paper and week 8 will be 12-15 page paper.

The Northcentral Academic Success Center is the one-stop area for all academic services. The center offers coaching in scholarly writing, time management courses, library resources, tutorials, and guidance on turnitin reporting. The Northcentral Library is a centralized and unprecedented global resource that provides high-quality informational resources. The Road Runner search allows you to search conveniently for full text, scholarly, and peer-reviewed articles.

The Northcentral Academic Integrity Policy site is a resource for students to be aware of the appropriate guidelines to follow. If a violation of academic integrity, has been discovered, then the student's instructor will complete the Notice of Possible Academic Integrity Violation. After the review has been completed, the Dean will notify the student and the instructor of the outcome ("Importance of Reading and Understanding This Policy," 2012).

In the Library and under popular databases, I explored the different sources for research and articles. In three of the databases, I searched for Organizational Leadership. The first database that I used and found to be the easiest to maneuver through was ProQuest. I found the following three articles in ProQuest. ProQuest:

Suliman, A., & Obaidli, H. A. (2013). Leadership and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the financial service sector. Asia - Pacific Journal of Business Administration, 5(2), 115-134. doi: Prewitt, J. E., & Weil, R. (2014). Organizational opportunities endemic in crisis leadership. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 15(2), 72-87. Retrieved from Lin, R. S., & Hsiao, J. (2014). The relationships between transformational leadership, knowledge sharing, trust and organizational citizenship behavior. International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 5(3), 171-174....

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