My First Ball

Topics: Character, Stephenie Meyer, Protagonist Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: April 24, 2012
This text has a significant connection to the following text______________________ written by __________(list the text title which has the same thematic connection). * The treatment of this theme in these texts is similar because in each of these texts both explore the theme through/by... * The thematic connection across these texts is….

* Each text I have studied has a significant connection in regard to overcoming obstacles and challenges in relationships. This is evident because (make a conclusion in regard to your 2 texts)…. Give reasons HOW these texts have a SIGNIFICANT CONNECTION in regard to the theme. This will be linked to how characters have responded in each text to overcoming the obstacle or challenge in their relationship. Explore this in some depth perceptively, using QUOTES/EXAMPLES/INCIDENTS from each text to prove what you say. You need to describe the treatment of the overall theme (overcoming challenges/obstacles in relationships) in each individual text. Thematic Study: Reading Log

My Theme: Challenges or obstacles in relationships
Text Type: Short story
Title: My First Ball
Author: Witi Ihimaera
Publication Details: First published 1989, in “Dear Ms Mansfield” How the text relates to my theme?
This text relates to my theme by showing how the main character Tuta, a young Maori teenager has to try his best to fit in with the Pakeha people at government house on the night of a ball. He has to overcome the obstacles of fitting in and he ends up meeting a girl named Joyce who was just as nervous to be at the ball as he was. My First Ball has a significant connection to The short second life of Bree Tanner written by Stephenie Meyer. In both Witi Ihimaera’s and Stephenie Meyer’s texts we explore the theme overcoming obstacles and relationships through making connections with the main characters. In My First Ball we are introduced to the main character Tuta. He is a young Maori teenager who has received an invite to a...
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