Minority Dbq

Topics: United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: April 24, 2012
WWII Minorities DBQ
In the mist of the countries involvement in one of the most grueling wars in history new barriers were broken to make room for an equal America. Although true equality was not reached, these short four years would lead to the turning point in American acceptance toward diversity, both in and out of the work place. The movement of thousands of men overseas create a substantial gap in the work place, creating a never before seen chance for women, Blacks, and immigrants to flood the many war based jobs. At the same time, the Japanese faced radical discrimination for the events in which provoked the United States entry in to the War. In the years incasing WWII opportunity opened to those who had been affected hardest but the great depression, with such an influx of new employment offered toward women and ethnic minorities, social boundaries clashed as new War time conflicts arose; in the West war bases social unrest would incase a population as government pursued a way to prevent espionage.

Americans in the West woke up to a war on the home front with some of their very neighbors in possible blame. Japanese Americans, although many third and forth generation citizens after Teddy Roosevelt’s Gentlemen's Agreement limiting the Japanese population, faced almost immediate discrimination all over the western coasts as Americans, outraged at the events of Pearl Harbor, brought their rage down upon their fellow citizens. Threat to their 5 Amendment of American citizenship called for necessary questioning of the governments role in American lives (Doc D). But in Roosevelt's response he viewed the incarceration of all Japanese citizens the only way to prevent possible civil war and espionage (Doc C). For many years the Japanese had dominated the agriculturally fertile valleys of California, causing much resentment for the local farmers, many going as far as saying the should be deported after the war. In the process of deciding the right way to deal...
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