Malcom X

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By reading the passages on Malcolm X, Richard Wright, and Sherman Alexie it is only obvious that reading brought enlightenment to their lives, and all three authors have a lot in common. These significant people felt trapped in some form, and their insatiable hunger for reading set them free. They were all fascinated with the act of reading, and they all taught themselves, and gave themselves the education needed to enlighten and influence others. Discovering how to read provided many opportunities beyond their imagination, it empowered these individuals, as if being a minority didn’t matter anymore.

Even though there is much similarity between these authors, there is also much contrast among them. Each author differed in their upbringing, background, situation, etc. They all discovered their enlightenment and influence at different times in their lives, and they all took the discovery with different thoughts and emotions. They way they react and they way they think are different, but the passion for empowerment does not change.

Malcolm X only wanted to raise awareness to everyone that African Americans were being deprived of their natural rights for way to long, but in order to influence people he had to be educated. Malcolm felt belittled by the fact that he had no education and could not read nor write proper English. While in prison Malcolm X took action, and through using the resources made available to him by the prison library, he began to work hard in teaching and giving himself an education. Malcolm X succeeded, and through that he felt enlightened and prosperous.
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