Life as a Scholar Athlete

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Jasmine Harbor
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February 6, 2012
Life of a Student Athlete
Scholar athletes deserve to be given special treatment because we have to go above and beyond more than the average student. There are times that as a student athlete that you will have to miss class due to road trips. When I was a freshman, I was assigned two papers in one day and they were both due the very next day, because I had to leave for a basketball road trip and we would have been gone the entire week and I would be missing the due date that was assigned for each one of the assignments. My teachers did not accept emailed assignments and only accepted hard copies. Now on that particular day I did not get out of class until twelve, had practice from three until six, and we were departing for the trip at ten the following morning. Along with those assignments I also had a test to study for that had to be taken at eight in the morning before we departed for the trip. Which included a flight to Colorado and we stayed there for three days, flew to Texas and stayed there for two days, and we rode a bus for fourteen hours back to Mississippi. What is a student athlete to do?

Why do student athletes deserve special treatment at times? Well school is more complicate d for student athletes, because we have to balance more in the sense that we have class, practice, games, and some games require you to travel. In some situations we have to rush to get our work turned in because some teachers feel that being a student athlete does not mean anything and you are viewed as a regular student. Student athletes do not want special treatment so that sports can be used as an excuse, but we would like to have an understanding with our teachers during times that we have to travel and we will be missing class and possibly assignments. When you have to rush to get work in before road trips, most of the time the work turned in is of poor quality, which means you will get a bad grade. That helps...
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