Jollibee Case Study

Topics: Parking lot, Parking, Business Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Jollibee: The Force Within the Empire

Acosta, Grace Cielo I.
Gallardo, Euna Anne R.
Meria, Alexander James A.
Villalon, Geneeva P.

III. Case Problem
How will Genee Lopez evaluate the proposals of Mr. Artiaga and Mrs. Ng given that they would like to open a store at same location?

IV. Case Objective
The objectives in analyzing and solving the case are to identify which of Mr. Artiaga and Mrs. Ng’s proposal will be given approval and to determine the factors that will affect the place decisions. Issues of distribution strategy, franchising process and franchisor-franchisee relationship should be considered in analyzing the case.

V. Alternative Solutions to the Problem
1.Genee Lopez will choose Mr. Alberto Z. Artiaga as the franchisee of Jolibbee. PROS: It would be more convenient for the potential customers, which is most probably the customers from AZA Gasoline Station, to go to Jolibbee because their cost in terms of the vehicle’s gas and time of going from the gasoline station to Jolibbee will be less costly because it is nearer. The customers will not waste their effort from the hassle of going though Don Antonio Avenue just to avail services of Jolibbee. CONS: Because the lot of Jolibbee offered by Mr. Artiaga is smaller than the lot offered by Mrs. Ng, the parking space will also be smaller and it is a problem because the potential customers usually have their cars. The potential customers might decide to transfer to another fast food chain if they can’t get a good parking lot for their car.

2.If managing of Jolibbee fails, the management of Jolibbee Food Corporation will provide a seminar on how the management of Mr. Artiaga adopts to the problem that they faced. PROS: Mr. Artiaga can align the strategies that he will use with the management of Jolibbee Food Corporation. CONS: It would take time and effort and monetary cost to prepare for the seminar.

3.If Mr. Artiaga failed to manage Jolibbee well, the management of Jolibbee...
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