Internship Report on Security Stock Exchange of Bangladesh

Topics: Stock market, Stock, Stock market bubble Pages: 32 (10884 words) Published: April 24, 2012
An Organization Consulting Paper (OCP)
Stock Market Bubble in Bangladesh: Causes and Remedies.
Prepared by
Name: Md. Naimul Islam
ID No: M111838
MBA, 37th- Batch

Supervised by Mohammad Lutfullah Adjunct Faculty MBA Program

Department of Business Administration Faculty of administrative science International Islamic university Chittagong Dhaka Campus

25th February ,2012

Letter of Transmittal

Engr. Shafiqur Rahman
Coordinator of department of M.B.A
International Islamic University Chittagong (Dhaka Campus)

Submission of the OCP report
Dear Sir,
I am glad to submit my OCP report title “Stock market bubble in Bangladesh: Causes and Remedies” a report based on Recent Share market crisis and retrospective crisis in all over the world for the Last three months.This report is very much significant as it is one of the most requirements of M.B.A program. This report is very significant as it is an outcome of M.B.A Program.

This report is brief summary of the Present Share market Crisis and I have made every effort to cover up all the key points that I have learnt during this time Under the supervision of my Honorable Advisor Mr. Lutfullah. All the works presented here are done with utmost honesty. I have tried my level best to make this report comprehensive.

Yours sincerely
Md. Naimul Islam.
ID No .M111838
Batch 37th


At first, I like to express my deepest gratitude to Allah for giving me chance, strength and composure to finish the task of writing the report within scheduled time..
Firstly, I thanks to my heartiest gratitude to my reverend teacher Mr.Engr. Shafiqur Rahman, Coordinator of departments of business administration IIUC (D.C.) For his kind information. And thanks to honorable teacher Mr. Mohammad Lutfullah - Internship Supervisor & Adjunct Faculty MBA Program, My internship supervisor and Lecturer in Whose enthusiastic guidance and comments during the entire phase of the study made it possible for me to prepare this report. My debt to him is warmly acknowledged.

All the relevant things I have tried my best in order to serve every objective of the report. To make made best understand of the theoretical portion produced.
And finally,I like to say that I have tried my best .However,there might be some errors and silly mistakes due to my aptitude and time constraint. In this regard, I seek your kind consideration and I am in process of learning.


Md. Naimul Islam, a student of MBA Program 37th Batch bearing ID M111838, has submitted the OCP Report titled “Stock Market Bubble in Bangladesh: Causes and Remedies” on .25.02. 2012 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. He completed the report by himself during Summer2012 under my supervision.

25, February, 2012...
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