Initial Public Offering, Book Building and Direct Listing

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Initial public Offering, Book Building & Direct Listing

Submitted To:

MR. K. M. Golam Muhiuddin
Department of Accounting and Information Systems
University of Chittagong.

Submitted By:
Mohammad Lutfar Rahman
BBA (4th Year)
Class Roll: 4617
Exam. Roll: 2004/69
Session: 2003-2004
Department of Accounting and Information Systems
University of Chittagong.

Date of Submission: 9th September, 2009

Letter of Submission

September 9, 2009


Mr. K.M. Golam Muhiuddin


Department of Accounting & Information System

University of Chittagong.
Subject: Submission of Term Paper.
Dear Sir,
With due respect & great pleasure I am submitting my term paper report. I have taken Initial Public Offering (IPO), Book Building and Direct Listing, as the subject. During the four weeks long term paper program I have gathered a great experience for my self as it provided us with wide exposure to the real life & practical experience. To prepared this report I have consulted with personals some relevant books textbooks, internet & tried my best to follow your instruction to complete this assignment. I have truly enjoyed my attachment with the organization and highly appreciate their co-operation in this regard. I therefore hope that you would be as kind as to accepting my report and oblige thereby. If you feel any lacking in my report, please let me know.

Mohammad Lutfar Rahman


With grateful thanks to almighty Allah & his Prophet Mohammed (SM), 1 have completed my term paper successfully. The student of BBA (AIS) is to submit an term paper report relating to business operation to acquire practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. This academic program has been designed to equip with the practical knowledge on various facts of organization and term paper system, with a view to enhance the practical orientation of the course. For this, I have conducted an term paper report on the topic Initial Public Offering, Book Building and Direct Listing based on "Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited (CSE).

This report owes enough to the authority of "Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited (CSE)" especially to the Mr. Abu Baker Siddique, honorable Chief Executive Officer of CSE, for kind co-operation and giving me the chance to complete my industrial tour here. I express my gratitude to various departments' heads and executives. I am very much grateful to Mr. Khaled Zubair (Library coordinators), who spent valuable time from his busy schedule for our guidance at CSE. I am especially thankful to Mr. Murtuza Alam, Mr. Nahidul Islam Khan, and Mr. Md. Monirul Haque of CSE. The Term Paper cannot be successful without their proper guidance and kind co-operation.


Term paper report is a scope for acquiring substantial knowledge after perfecting of academic classes. In order to acquire perfect education a student must have practical knowledge along with syllabus-oriented education. I Practical education is a part of the curricula of the Business education. So before joining in the substantial field we need to acquire knowledge about the real environment. Accordingly so, the authority of Chittagong University provides an opportunity of preparing term paper report, which is a part and parcel of BBA curriculum. The course is designed with excellent combination of theoretical and practical aspects to provide an opportunity to the student on the job exposure.

Like every year, as a BBA student I get the opportunity to accomplish term report in IPO, Book Building and Direct Listing". According to the program, I have prepared this report. I have got the opportunity to work under all departments including the compliance, inspection, finance, accounting, administration, settlement & selection, publication and library, & management support group of Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited.

At the time of preparing this report, I...
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