Indian Frontier Wars

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, French and Indian War Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: May 3, 2013
History of the Indian Frontier Wars
In today’s world, Americans aren’t known to “take over” Indians land. Why so? It has been done in the early revolution dating back to the year of 1622. Before 1622, North America was mainly claimed by the Indian folk. However, the settlers that ventured into North America believed that the Indians had no right claiming the land, and soon took over, as time progressed. As the years went on, disagreements amongst the English men and Indians grew. In the year of 1622, Indian’s lives changed forever and became an important role in Indian history. Hearts and souls of the Indian people were poured into the Indian Frontier Wars, believing their way of living would be given back to them. Little did they know, they would be stripped of their land and forced to move elsewhere. Before 1622, Indians welcomed the settlers who ventured their way to North America. Although the English men weren’t interested in intertwining with the Indians, eastern Indians were welcoming and felt as though the luxuries of the settlers would benefit their lifestyle. According to Eric Fosner’s Give Me Liberty!: An American History,” Woven cloth, metal kettles, iron axes, fishhooks, hoes, and guns were quickly integrated in Indian life.” (56) As the 17th century went along, more and more settlers invaded Indians land in North America, which soon became a problem. Settlers believed that North American land wasn’t officially claimed by the Indians because of the lacking living style. English men trampled over the Indians corn field lands and gardens and started growing farmlands while introducing new livestock. As time progressed, frustration began to arise and the Indian folk soon became close-minded, and no longer welcomed the settlers. Between the years of 1607 and 1755, Britain and England struggled with imperial wars in order to claim North American land. The first Indian-European war, (known as Tiquex war) occurred during the years of...

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