How to Design Grinding System in Cement Plant

Topics: Concrete, Metakaolin, Systems theory Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: April 23, 2012
The cement plant essential equipment is a rotary kiln, according to the requirements of the plant cement the equilibrium yield of 200000t /year. Overall will plant located in the medium and small cement plant, so the premise of the durability and security, as far as possible to simplify the process, not necessarily choose the theoretically best, most advanced process. How to design cement plant grinding system? (1) select circle flow (closed circuit) grinding system: open system process is simple, low investment, simple operation, easy maintenance, but taking into account to reduce environmental pollution, save energy, improve product quality and other factors as far as possible, the workshop using closed-circuit systems. Closed-circuit configuration of the high efficiency separator system to improve the powder efficiency, reduce power consumption, reducing wear and tear (wear-resistant alloy liner and grinding media) wear has a significant advantage. More important is to resolve the material off grinding fineness to produce the product, the product fineness small fluctuations. (2) of the rear discharge grinding system: based on design conditions, to be grinding the material has been broken, drying, so choose the rear discharge grinding system. For the closed system in another form - the central discharge grinding system, ventilation volume, ability drying material advantage and does not reflect the more complex, and its mechanical design and maintenance, the design of the non-adoption. (3) batching system program library at the end: arranged in order to reduce the cost of building construction, increasing the grinding head space, and simplify the process, replacing the material in the middle of a stored procedure, this design uses the ingredient system solutions in the bottom of your library. Another program - the grinding head position ingredients suitable for more types of raw materials used, it could easily lead to the grinding head is overcrowded, equipment...
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