How Poor Intercultural Communication Affects International Commerce and Foreign Policy

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Communication Pages: 4 (1457 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Intercultural Communication Affecting International Commerce and Foreign Policy: France Opposes Turkey Entering the European Union
Communication within one cultural group sharing traditions and national or regional identity is often effortless. The social and cultural meanings between the same cultures in regard to communication are understood the way they are intended. When discourse happens within members of the same social groups; they will communicate, talk, discuss in similar places that all members of that culture attend or visit like bars, schools, shopping malls, community meetings, party events, the office, etc. The meaning arrived at or the knowledge and accepted truth toward an issue is more or less the consensus of a group. When two cultures are in proximity to each other although their cultures may be different they still may have power or influence over the decisions, practices and beliefs of the each other. In this example, I will use the national issue in France involving a majority of the French people objecting to Turkey being allowed to join into the European Union. The French, who share a particular national identity and history, have shared their different views as 'Frenchmen and Europeans' why Turkey's acceptance into the European Union is not acceptable. Turkey, the nation in between Europe and Asia is seen as an important economic and political ally by many European nations with Turkey having access to many of the passageways toward Asia and Russia for trade and the most important oil and gas pipelines. The Turks were deeply disappointed when they received the news from France that they were unwanted. France’s influence was powerful among the other G8 member nations and its leadership within the European Union was highly valued. Many important French allies like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium considered the French people’s position because their own population was so heavily influenced by the public opinion of...
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