Generating Electricity

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Generating Electricity
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Farzad Siganporia

Today in our modern society, us humans take a variety of things for granted. One particularly, goes unnoticed. One, which we cannot live without, and one which changed our lives forever. ELECTRICITY. Electricity exists in a metropolis city, to aircrafts in the air to every remote corner on our earth. During the 1800s, British scientist Michael Faraday discovered the fundamentals of generating electricity. His method, which is movement of a loop of wire between the poles of a magnet, is still used today. Without electricity, the world would be a different place to live in.

Flow Diagram showing how electricity is produced using fossil fuels (GCSE Bitsesize)
There are two types of electricity, static electricity and current electricity. On a large scale, static electricity causes lightning and on a smaller scale, gives you a shock when you get out of a car. It can be generated simply by rubbing a comb on your hair. Static electricity is of limited use and in this essay, I will be focusing on current electricity. Electricity is basically the flow of electrical charge. It is the most routinely and widely used energy. It is an energy carrier and a secondary source as we get electricity from the conversion of primary sources such as coal, gas, and solar energy. These primary sources are either renewable or non-renewable sources but electricity itself, is neither. The most common way to generate electricity is using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. They are known as fuels because they release energy when they are burned and fossil fuels because they are formed from the remains of living organisms, which are millions of years old. (Kyle, HubPages)

The importance of electricity and the application of electricity in our everyday lives cannot be expressed enough in words. Life wouldn’t be the same. If there would be no electricity, on a smaller scale, this essay would be hand written. But on a bigger scale, there would be no industries, everything would have to be hand made. Schools would have to have candles or fire as lighting. Streets would have the same. Economies would suffer billions of losses per day as they cannot manufacture any good. Now to our everyday lives, there would be no heated showers, no laptops for research, no mobile phones for communication purposes, etc… This is why electricity is important an no electricity would equal to no life in my opinion. Renewable Sources|

Source of Energy | % Used|
Hydroelectrical| 6.3|
Nuclear| 8.5|
Others| 0.9|
A particular global issue, which is important, is that of the exceeding demand of fossil fuels to generate electricity but the limited supply. Today, fossil fuels are the most widely used and are much cheaper than using renewable methods. The following table shows the percentages of fossil fuels and renewable resources used: Fossil Fuels|

Source of Energy | % Used|
Petroleum | 36.0|
Coal| 27.4|
Natural Gas| 23.o|
The tables above tell us that the total use of fossil fuels add up to 86.4% while renewable sources are only 15.7%. This is huge difference and tells us how importance it is to limit the use of fossil fuels in generating electricity. (BinomicFuel,…) This is where Science is applied in effectively solving the issue. There are now renewable resources of energy, which cater to different parts of the world. For example in India, 5% of the country’s energy is supplied by wind power. In the outskirts of major cities such as Mumbai or Kolkata, wind turbines have been set up in particular areas, which are known for high wind speeds. GCSE Bitesize

One of the solutions is wind energy. Firstly, wind is produced as a result of convection currents in the Earth’s atmosphere, which are driven by heat energy from the sun. Wind is a renewable source of kinetic energy as long as the sun exists. As shown on the left, wind turbines basically have...

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