Fourteen Points

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, World War I, Woodrow Wilson Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Woodrow Wilson's decision to give his Fourteens Points speech contributed to the end of World War I, was the basis for many peace treaties and paved the road for future nations and alliances. "Covenants of peace be quickly arrived at so that this war can end and future nations can begin." These are some of the words of Woodrow Wilson said when he delivered the powerful Fourteen Points speech at the joint session of Congress and many other important meetings including the Paris Peace Conference. At this time World War I had erupted in Europe causing much turmoil and hatred between the Allies and the Central Powers. Wilson wanted America to stay neutral but after several attacks on U.S ships and a seemingly never-ending war U.S joined the war on April 6, 1917. Then 10 months before the armistice with Germany Woodrow Wilson gave the Fourteen Points speech which would eventually help end the war.

What Wilson was basically trying to accomplish was to assure Europe that the United States that World War I was being fought for a moral cause. It was also a guideline of how to fairly write peace treaties, pinpoint what caused the war and to learn from these mistakes so that the future world would know how to avoid another huge war. For example his first point is "There should be no secret alliances between countries" which was the main reason why World War I begin. His speech was so powerful and inspiring it was used as propaganda to boost the Allies moral and encourage the Central Powers to surrender under an equal agreement. Wilson's speech became very popular and was excepted by so many Europeans that Wilson on October 1918 sent a letter to the German imperial chancellor Prince Maximilian of Baden. He requested a immediate end to the war and to begin peace negotiations based on the Fourteen Points.

Many say that Wilson Fourteens Points was a waste of time and wasn't influence in peace negotiations or treaties. They say that when the Fourteen...
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