Financial Analysis of Pepsi and Coca Cola

Topics: Military, United States Army, Uniform Code of Military Justice Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Develop a 2,800- to 3,500- word paper which addresses the following questions: Analyze the ethical climate of your organization.
* How would you classify your organization’s ethical orientation? * What is your organization’s social responsibility philosophy * How might it compare with other organizations in the same industry? * What factors have shaped your organization’s ethical orientation and social responsibility philosophy? * What roles have leaders played in its formulation and maintenance? * What is an example of an inconsistency?

* How does the organization consider both the means and the ends? * How do generational differences affect the ethical climate in your organization? * What steps is your company taking for integrating a multi-generational work force? ·         Provide examples to support your analysis. ·         Conclude your paper with a design for an ethics management program for your organization.

In most businesses today, you are expected to make decisions. Some decisions are simple and can be answered by anyone. Some questions are slightly more complex and you may need to consult some superiors over what to do. Then there are the questions that can get you terminated. When these questions arise how do you know what to do? What steps do you go through to make sure you do what your company wants you to do? Many of those questions can be answered through a well thought out and detailed code of conduct.

Just like most businesses in American today, the US Army is a business. The US Army is in the business of training and strategically placing soldiers in areas of conflict to resolve a problem. The Army has such a delicate and hostile work environment that they have more written codes, rules, regulations, and methods of dealing with situations than any fortune 500 company in the world. This article intends to explore those codes in an attempt to better understand how a soldier is more than just a person...
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