Feudalism in Japan and Europe

Topics: Feudalism, Serfdom, Manorialism Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Feudalism was a form of government in Japan and Western Europe at one time. Feudalism is a decentralized form of government. It was a major system for Japan for 700 years from the 12th century. In Western Europe, it was a major system from the 9th century to the 10th century. The two feudal systems were similar because they both went into a feudal period for protection. The difference is that the Japanese went into the feudal period for protection from internal invasions and Europe wanted to be protected from external invasions.

Feudalism was similar in Japan and Western Europe because they both wanted protection from attacks. Both places went through a lot of harsh warfare in their countries and many lower class people wanted protection from the breakouts, so they began to turn to the upper lords. In Japan, the peasants and artisans were worried about being killed, so they went to the daimyos or the vassal lords for protection. The peasants gave them their land and offered their service. They became farmers. The artisans became weapon makers. The daimyo, in return, protected the people from harm. In Western Europe, the serfs (peasants) were worried about attack and asked the upper lords for protection. As a result, the serfs gave up their land and worked for the lords. In return, the lords protected them from attack.

Feudalism was also different in Japan and Western Europe. They both turned into a feudal society for protection, but for protection from different forces. During the 12th century, Japan’s Imperial government is weak so fights begin to break out within Japan between different clans attempting to take control. Wars broke out everywhere between the different lords, so peasants turned to Daimyo to protect them. The samurai also contributed to this. In Western Europe, there were invaders coming from the outside. From the 9th century to the 10th century, the Vikings, Magyars, and Moors were attacking Western Europe. The government failed to protect...
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