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Module 8

Choose a medical Condition that interests you and research it. Write about the possible uses of hypnosis in the treatment of the condition as you see them.

More than 2 million people in the UK live with diabetes. Another 75,000 have diabetes but don't know it.

Diabetes is now classified as a worldwide epidemic. Blindness, kidney disease, impotence and many other illnesses are often the direct result of out-of-control or undiagnosed diabetes. As a diabetes 2 sufferer myself, I was actually drawn to Hypnotherapy as a way to improve my condition, and ,most importantly, assist me in managing my condition. As I found out, to my cost, Diabetes 2 , is a condition that you reach, as a result of maintaining an unhealthy quality of life. The key elements that can lead to this unhealthy condition are: 1.Stress

2.Unhealthy Diet
4.Lack of Exercise.
These Four Factors are enough to create the Diabetes 2 Condition. It does not stop there, for in my case, once I was thrown into being categorised medically as Diabetes 2 sufferer, it further leads to depression, impotence, and in some cases. high blood pressure. This is because, those of us, like myself, who had never really experienced a serious medical condition before, that we had to monitor ourselves on a daily basis, do not take the initial diagnosis, particularly seriously, usually because of self denial, and it only when we get a major health warning due the diabetic condition. As most Diabetes sufferers, my GP, referred me to my local Diabetes Centre who attempted to educate me in Diabetes Management, but never mentioned how open I would be to infection spreading, and so when I did get an infection in my groin, as a result of a sweat rash, it only took 5 days to turn into gangrene with almost fatal results. As a Diabetes patient you would be taught by your GP to Monitor your blood sugar on a regular basis, and would also be prescribed diabetes medication to assist in maintaining stable blood sugar levels. In order to stay well, it's important to use these aspects of your treatment properly. But it's also important that you take other steps to help manage the condition and lower your risk of further health problems. Learning to manage your diabetes takes time, patience and effort. You may also be coping with difficult emotions after diagnosis, such as anger, confusion or depression. It is here that we need to examine the way Hypnosis, and self hypnosis , an assist a patient in the successful management of their diabetic condition. As already mentioned a Diabetic sufferer will often have the following self management problems: Stress

Lack of Exercise, often due to nerve problems in their feet
Difficulty in Food Choices and Eating Habits
Personal Embarrassment and Relationship Problems

A Hypnotherapist is by definition, a stress management consultant and a motivational coach, all of the above challenges can be powerfully addressed by using hypnosis but please note the following: a hypnotist is only part of your diabetes support team. Always be sure to have your doctor’s approval before beginning any hypnosis program that can have any influence on your medical condition. Each Diabetic sufferer will differ from another, and the above emotional issues, will appear in different levels, but Stress and its related issues, will all play a part in the sufferers make up, it is obvious to anyone with diabetes that having that disease is very stressful. The primary method by which hypnosis helps a person with diabetes is by reducing harmful stress. There are two fundamental ways in which stress negatively affects a person with diabetes. . This harmful state of emotional affairs then makes it more difficult for a diabetic to follow their doctor’s recommendations. Also, when a person is in emotional pain, they usually reach for whatever makes them immediately feel better....
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