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Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Natural environment Pages: 7 (2973 words) Published: April 13, 2015
 Task 3: Know the environmental considerations associated with outdoor and adventurous activities. In this report, I will talk about the impact to consider when out in the environment and how some things can be changed to try and prevent damaged what people might cause when out in the environment. Environmental Considerations

When assessing the impact of the outdoor adventurous activities on the environment, the public’s use on the environment may have to be taken into consideration because of the damage they may inflict on the environment around them. Certain things in the environment are trying to be protected, such as flora and fauna so they can naturally grow throughout the mountains and waters.

Flora and Fauna
Flora is to do with the local plants and vegetation’s in a certain area on the mountains or around the open waters. An example of this is in Borrowdale, Lake District, where you can expect to see the Bog Asphodel which is the top right photo. Another example of what you might see in the Lake District is the water avens which is on your left. And another example of flora you might expect to see while at the Lake District is the harebell which is the bottom right photo.

Fauna is to do with the local animals in a particular area around open waters or on the mountains. An example of fauna is in Borrowdale, Lake District, where can see some peregrine falcons which is left photo out of the 3. Other examples of fauna in the Lake District is the red squirrel (the right photo) and the golden eagle (the middle photo).

Land Access
The CROW (Countryside Right Of Way) act 2000 only applies to England and Wales. It contains 5 parts and they are: 1. The act provides for public access on foot to certain types of lands. 2. It amends the law relating to public rights of way.

3. It increases the measures for the management and protection for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). 4. It strengthens wildlife enforcement legislation.
5. It provides for better management of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The symbol to the right means that you are able to walk, run, explore, climb and watch wildlife without having to stay on any paths on over 865,000 hectares of mountain, moorland, heathland, down land and registered common land (mapped under the CROW act 2000). The symbol on the right is normally used to mark the end of an area-wide access, although other access rights may exist, such as the public rights of ways. Symbol

Types of Access

Open to walkers only, way marked with a yellow arrow.

Open to walkers, horse riders and cyclists, way marked with a blue arrow.

Restricted byway
Open to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles, way marked with a plum coloured arrow.

Byway open to all traffic (BOAT)
Open to walkers, cyclist, horse-riders and horse-drawn vehicles and motor vehicles, way marked by a red arrow.

National Trail Acorn
Identifies 15 long distance routes in England and Wales. All are open for walking and some trails are also suitable for cyclists, horse riders and people with limited mobility. Wildlife
This is the protection, preservation, conservation, management, or restoration of the wildlife and of natural resources, such as forests, soil and water. To preserve something means to keep and protect something, in its intended form for its intended purpose. We practise preservation of our forests by not chopping them down or setting fires to them. We preserve great works of art by keeping them in glass cases with humidity and temperature controls but to preserve the wildlife, they protect the animals by fencing them off. We also conserve animal wildlife by putting them in a conservation area so that they are safe from any hunters. There are punishments in many countries for hunting animals, especially rare animals. Countryside code

This code is a guideline for what to do while walking in the countryside or on any...
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