Early Universal Horror (Incomplete)

Topics: Lon Chaney, Sr., Horror film, Boris Karloff Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Kevin Pearson

I.Attention Getter
Have you never felt a sudden rush of panic when you saw something scary pop out of nowhere in a Horror movie? Have you never squirmed in you seat at the theatre or even in your living room chair because you saw something that was unsettling on the screen?

II.Need Step
Of course you have. All of us have. Every one of us has been afraid or startled by something or someone in the Horror movie medium. But, why? What make us so afraid of the ghoulish things we see in those movies? Have we always scared of themonsters and maniacs we see on screen? The answer is yes. While most of us know the somewhat standard Horror movie characters, and their series. For example, Michael Myers is the main antagonist of Halloween, Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jason Vorhees has the Friday the 13th. But, they're hardly the first monsters to terrify the movie going public. Not even close. There were charactersthat shocked people even in silent Horror movies. And no movie studio scared the public better than Universal studios. What made Universal so good wasn't just a manputting on a mask and a suit and chasing after teenagers. It was the actors. SpecificallyLon Chaney Sr., Bela Lugosi, and Boris Karloff. Tonight I'll share a bit about each of these men's lives, their movies, and their lasting effect on Horror cinema. I'll begin with a personal favorite, Lon Chaney Sr.

III.Lon Chaney Sr.
I:Born in 1883 Leonidas Frank Chaney had an unusual upbringing. Unusual in fact that both his parents were deaf and mute. So, as he grew up, he became skilled in the art of pantomime, which would become invaluable later in hiscareer on the silver screen. When he left home in 1901, he was in a series of different stage productions across the United States, the first of which he had written with his brother called "The Little Tycoon" (1). After over ten years working on the stage, in 1913...
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