Discuss imagery of Dulce est Doreum

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Wilfred Owen's Dolce et Decorum Est uses effective imagery to uncover the hidden realities of the

World War. The appalling cruelties soldiers were left to face were captivated to the reader through his

dramatic use of expressive imagery. The compelling images drawn in this poem are so graphic, that it

carries the ability for the reader to perfectly compose the authors intended scenery in their minds.

“Bent, double, like old beggars under sacks”(line 1) “knock kneed, coughing like hags”(line 2). This

gives the reader a more realistic view on the appearances of the soldiers as they are normally portrayed

to be strong bulky figures. The comparison of the men to “beggars” or “hags” show the effect the war

has had on them, causing premature ageing and exhaustion within them from the war life for which

they cannot even maintain a straight posture and is why they look so beggar like. The exhaustion is

further conveyed in the lines “and towards our distance rest began to trudge” (line 4). The use of

“trudge” expresses the slow and crucifying progress of the army. “Flound'ring like a man in fire”(line

12). “He plunges at me guttering,choking,drowning” (line 16) indicates that men drowned helplessly in

the toxic gasses, tragically in front of the eyes of fellow soldiers. Despite being so disturbingly graphic,

it shows the reader the extent of pain soldiers are to bear. Orwell brilliantly showcases the fatality of

the soldiers deaths in the lines “"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood/ Come gargling from the

froth-corrupted lungs/ Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud,"(line 21-23) Another powerful use of

imagery “vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues”(line 24) suggests the pain and misery of the

soldiers were unforgettable and scars left on them both externally and internally were permanent. These

graphic images play a very effective role to draw the reader to the poem, and to...
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