Cultural Plunge

Topics: Fruit, Tropical fruit, Taste Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Cultural Plunge at an Asian Market
As I contemplated on what my cultural plunge was going to be, it made me realize that I am lucky to say that I have been exposed and acquainted with maybe more than the usual. My ex-husband is Middle Eastern, I am Mexican, and I have homo-sexual friends, and have and had friends that are African-American, Caucasian, Japanese, Filipino, Jewish, and Korean. I finally chose to explore more of the Asian culture because although I have friends that are Asian I liked to know more about their culture. Being that I love to cook, I decided to go to an Asian market. As I searched the internet for suggestions on where to go, I found 99 Ranch Market to have the highest ratings. 99 Ranch Market is an Asian market located in Clairmont. I decided to go on Saturday, since I had time off and oh was that a mistake. The parking lot was packed. I could not find a parking space, almost got into and accident and when I finally did find a space, it was too narrow for my expedition. Sadly I’d have to say I thought about the typical talked about stereo type that Asians, especially female Asians do not know how to drive. I instantly felt like I was in Mexico, because we too do not seem to drive responsibly once we cross the border. After 20 minutes looking for parking, I finally was able to go inside. The Market was huge. It had an area for fresh meet, fresh seafood, produce, and even a bakery and some fast food spots. The bakery smelled delicious. I was able to try out some Ube/Taro bread that was purple and it was great. There was also dim sum, which seems to be different types of bread like balls stuffed with different mixtures such as pork, shrimp, chicken etc. Then they had my favorite type of drink, Thai tea with boba. Although it was tempting to buy it I opted for something different. I tried an avocado smoothie which was sweet and surprisingly delicious. As I walked through the market on this Saturday, I thought of the...
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