Concepts of Business Education

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The hospital is planning to orient, train and educate the new applicant nurses about the techniques of care giving in the hospital.

1.Orientation: The nurses will be taken around the hospital and each ward for them to get oriented with the new environment and all the departments. 2.Introduction: The nurses will be introduced to all of the head of the departments and the senior staff. 3.Education: The nurses will be educated on the technique of attending to the needs of the patients. 4.Presentations: The nurses will be shown presentations by experienced nurses and doctors. 5.Quiz: There will be quizzes held for the nurses on the things taught. 6.Evaluation: The nurses will be evaluated according to their performance. 7.Demonstrations: The nurses will be given demonstrations by the experienced nurses on care giving. 8.Implementation: The nurses will have to demonstrate whatever they have learnt under the supervision of the department head. 9.Post evaluation: Depending on the performance of the nurses, they will be posted in the required departments.

The most basic problem of philosophy of education is that concerning aims: what are the proper aims and guiding ideals of education? What are the proper criteria for evaluating educational efforts, institutions, practices, and products?

Some of the AIMS proposed or involved in the educational endeavor are

cultivation of curiosity and the disposition to inquire
fostering of creativity
production of knowledge and of knowledgeable students
enhancement of understanding
promotion of moral thinking
feeling and action
enlargement of the imagination
fostering of growth, development, and self-realization

Based on the AIMS concept we are building an online learning system for our employees:

Ideally, the learning outcomes in order of priority are

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