College Is Exensive

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With a college degree being as needed as it is, it is incredibly expensive to get one. Studies show that many high school graduates that do attend college, attend that following year bringing the colleges plenty of money. After doing some math, the numbers suggest that in general most colleges are bringing in plenty of extra money with an average 5.3 million dollars of profit. This is something that majorly hurts students financially who are just trying to get a college degree, which will be in turn used to essentially get themselves a well-paying career so they can pay back what they spent to get their college degree in the first place.

Living in today’s society, graduating from high school is simply not enough. Many employers will no longer look for just a high school diploma when considering hiring somebody, but they instead look for a college degree. A college education is almost as necessary for today's youth as having a place to live, especially because it's incredibly difficult for many people to afford a home without the financial stability that comes with a job provided by a college education. Our society is extremely dependent on colleges; but, are we in some way harming ourselves by sacrificing huge portions of our annual income to these institutions?

Colleges may be too expensive to call for every high school graduate in the United States attending one. In a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was found that 66 percent, or two of every three high school graduates attend college right out of high school ("College," 2014). We estimate that for the 2013-2014 school year there will be 3.3 million high school graduates ("What," n.d.) , and we know that about 2,178,000 or two-thirds of the graduates will go on to attend college right away. Now taking an average cost of college at about $20,000 ("What's," n.d.), we find that colleges across the U.S. bring in around an estimated total of $44,425,000,000 per year. That’s 44.4...

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