Ch Vowel Lesson Plan

Topics: Orthography, Learning, Writing Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Sarah Watson
Challenged with CH
1st/2nd grade

TSWBAT… identify the ch sound in a word with 90% accuracy by the end of the lesson through worksheets TSWBAT… create their own story using the ch sound with accuracy by the end of the lesson

Prerequisite Knowledge
How to read
Sounds that each letter makes
Digraph combinations meanings

Lesson Materials

Chad and Chuck Get Lunch by Bridgett Gabby PowerPoint
Smart board
Marker Board


Read the PowerPoint book

We have learned a lot of different phonic sound this year. Today, we are going to learn a new sound. Does anyone think they know the sound we are going to learn?

Explain that there are CH sounds at the beginning and end and use examples for each See how many words the students can make up using the ch words that weren’t on the board Go through PowerPoint and see how many ch words there are - Let students tell you were the ch sound is located. Have them come up and circle it, and then say they word.

Ask students if the understand the lesson, and then go back over the words they came up with for the ending.


Have students split up into groups of two or three, and have them write their own story using as many ch words they can think of. Together, their story must be at least 6 sentences long and much use at least one ch word, and they must use their best handwriting and spelling skills. - After they are done, mix up the stories and read them aloud without telling the class who wrote them.

If students are having difficulty writing, have them do 4 sentences long instead of six.

Chuck and Chad Get Lunch by Bridget Clabby

References: Chuck and Chad Get Lunch by Bridget Clabby
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